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About us

Our Story

Following a quiet year, in September 2020, violinist Vladimir Jablokov decided to set up his own online theatre tailored for small private performances. The mission was to do live online concerts in the real time, to be able to see his audiences, their reactions, and interact with them live.

Three months later, Vladimir launched the first series of concerts and the results were just amazing. In the first 45 days he did over 50 private concerts. All of a sudden, he was playing for people in New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, USA and Europe in one day. Some groups of people have not seen each other for decades and now this is the reason for all of them to meet at the same time.

‘Seeing the happiness of all the people, their surprise reactions, or even being told that a person who has followed my musical career for over 15 years – now in the nursing home with Alzheimer’s – reacted the best in the past 12 months, makes my life fulfilled. We have been connecting families and friends from all over the globe.’

Our Concerts

Our concerts are done via ZOOM platform. We have a ZOOM operator in our theatre throughout every performance. Each concert is sold to one customer only.
Depending on the package, you can invite up to 30 households to your concert. You can add a birthday, anniversary or any other wishes to your concert. Any background information on you or any of your guests makes the experience even more personal.

You can choose your own music from our playlist or we can do that for you.
All concerts are 100% live and include a chat with the performers throughout the concert. The duration of the concerts is between 40 and 45 minutes. From time to time we also do public FREE concerts.

Our Theatre

Our shows are performed from our highly equipped theatre in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

With our online concerts, you get the best audio and video quality






Via Zoom


Full HD


Hi-Res Audio