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Togetherness at Christmas

We would normally have done Kris Kindle in our family but this last Christmas we forewent the presents & decided we wanted to do something all together instead as we wouldn’t be able to meet up. I heard Vladimir’s fantastic idea on Marty in the Morning & thought that’s exactly what we need. We had a wonderful evening of live music, so rare in all the lockdowns, that we could all enjoy together, connecting with family from all over Ireland & the US, some whom we haven’t seen in years!! It was a very personable bespoke experience where we were able to choose songs & requests for people & were able to talk with the musicians. They even rose to the challenge of learning & playing a beautiful version of a song my Dad used to sing that they had never heard of. It brought back lovely memories to all & a tear to many. A gorgeous personal touch to the concert. I would highly recommend this unique & special experience. You won’t regret it!

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